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Co-op Housing

Alissa Anderson on Sunday, 08 August 2010. Posted in Co-op

One of the big questions this weekend at College & Careers was "where do you live when you are on co-op?" 

If you are lucky enough to find a co-op in the Rochester area you say in your campus housing. One of my fellow RA's chooses to co-op every winter/spring so he can live in his residence hall and hang with his freshmen after his work day. A few of my sisters scored Rochester co-ops this summer so they stayed in their regular apartment to avoid move-out day in May. 
If you are going to leave the Rochester area you can pay a reduced fee and keep you apartment for when you return... or throw it back to the lottery and let a new student move in. 

Fo those of us on co-op out of the area finding housing varies between companies. Some companies have dorm-esq housing for their interns. Others have departments that help students find local housing or suggest places to live. My summer co-op hooked out of town students up with a moving stipend and a stipend towards their monthly bill. My fall company funded my trip out to Buffalo to apartment hunt, and has a similar monthly stipend plan for my monthly bill. 
Or, you can always choose to work close to home and live with mom & dad (that's what I did this summer!). 

I'm still hunting for my Buffalo apartment...but in honor of the Buffalo Bucket list I bought my future-roomie an apartment warming gift.....

A set of "I love Buffalo" glasses!