Co-ops and Careers 101

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Tuesday, 19 March 2013. Posted in Co-op

With Spring at RIT comes the end of the academic year, and for third and fourth years, our hearts jump and our stress levels increase because the end of classes means that the hunt for internships, co-ops, and full time careers. There’s a lot of work and time that is involved with finding positions in companies as a college student, but RIT has you covered! RIT’s Office of Co-op and Careers has a comprehensive website (you can visit the site here) that walks students and alumni through the process of careers, as well as hosts it’s own job and internship search engine called Job Zone. Here you can connect with companies and filter through paid co-ops, unpaid internships, locations and companies you would like to work for. But wait! There’s more! Each college within RIT has it’s own Co-op and careers coordinator, that you can meet with to learn more about the co-ops and full time positions that are available for students and alumni with your major. It’s as easy as making an appointment to get your resume reviewed, meet with colleagues in the field, and speak one on one with your coordinator to find the co-op right for you! But we’re not done yet! To frost this delicious career cake, RIT hosts three career fairs throughout the year. Two occur in fall and spring that are open to all majors. Attracting companies from around the globe, students and alumni get to talk to hiring employees and find out more about the companies they want to work for. Many students will be asked to interview as soon as the next day. For designers and creative developers, Careers in Motion is a special career fair hosted specifically for majors in design and art that give art and design students the same opportunity. No matter where you are in your internship or job search as an RIT student, resources are everywhere to help you achieve that dream job you’re looking for!