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Coffee Beans and Sushi Rolls

Alissa Anderson on Saturday, 11 April 2009. Posted in Dining

So I just received this new email about how the former Campus Connections Bookstore in the SAU is being revamped into a coffee house! YAY. So excited. Ever since I came to school I have fallen in love with coffee and expresso drinks, so I am ready for a new coffee establishment on the quarter mile.  The email rearding the new addition also included a contest to name the new bistro - the prize being madd bills to spend on coffee... so I need to strat brainstorming....

Speaking of coffee, last night I went to Lovin' Cup with my brother for a late night coffe / jam session. Lovin' Cup is a full service cafe and music bistro, with a really funky and fun arts atmosphere. They also have live music thoughout the week, and every Friday and Saturday night.  It is a fun place to get off campus and enjoy music and hott drinks with friends.

This morning, we ventured back to Park Point for lunch at Wok With You for SUSHI. So fantastic.

Park Point is a neighboorhood of apartments and also contains a little strip of shops in the center. PP is also home to our new book store in the giant Barnes and Nobles.  PP also includes Abbots Frozen Custard (ice cream); King Davids (Greek & Middle Eastern Food); TC Riley's Irish Pub; Paradiso Pizza; and the Gallery Salon (hair and nails!).

Students can get to Park Point via foot (about a 20 minute walkfrom cmapus), or by the buses on campus.  Park Point is a popular location for mid-week dinners and Weekend entertaiment. (Also a great place to take mom and dad when the come to visit and want to eat on campus....)

RIT is growing into it's own college town with this past summers addition of Park Point, and the comming addition of Global Village (which will contain more housing and more shops similar to Park Point). 

Lost in the world of RIT,