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Coffee Coffee Coffee

Emily Okey on Monday, 01 November 2010. Posted in Student Life

Coffee will quickly become your best friend.

Aside from it’s usual benefits-- such as keeping you awake! It is also a very social thing around campus. At least for design classes, we have 3+ hours of class at any given time which, of course, you’ll get used to and it will seem completely normal but sometimes it’s just a tad long. Those are the days in which the class designated 10 or 15 minutes in the middle are spent wandering over to Java Wally’s in the library.

In fact, before coming to college I never particularly liked the taste. It was one cold winter day as I was walking out of Gracie’s (the dining hall) that I discovered they had coffee to go. It was just the right thing to hold while walking down the quarter mile to warm up my hands. Eventually after a couple of times of doing so I realized how ridiculous that was and I should just drink it already. And so the coffee drinking began.

I’d like to say that I’m not addicted to it but lately it has become a staple in the middle of a long day of classes. To enable a large amount of the school population to drink coffee at once RIT has kindly placed coffee shops around campus. 


On the residential side there is Beanz, The College Grind and Gracie’s. In the middle of campus there is the SAU cafe, Java Wally’s and Artesano’s. Finally on the far academic side there is Crossroads which has a coffeebar built in. Now that’s a lot of coffee!



Photos of Java Wally's inside the Wallace Library by Sabrina Soares-Kern

I have also found some pretty spectacular places off campus including Spot Coffee (downtown Rochester) , Equal Grounds (In South Wedge) and Jitters (just down Jefferson Rd).

Now don’t you worry, there is also tea and hot chocolate if you remain anti-coffee and need a little something to warm up your hands.