College Application Tips

Ricky B. on Monday, 09 November 2015. Posted in Admissions Process

Recently I sat down with Mariah McLane Giardino, Assistant Director/Coordinator of Undergraduate Admissions, to get her suggestions and tips for students applying to RIT. After working at RIT for the past 6 years, she has read thousands of applications and has some suggestions to help improve your admission application.

  • Have someone review your essay. Ask your high school counselor, favorite teacher, or parent to review your essay (and be sure to use spell check!)
  • When writing essays, don't simply repeat information from your application. Share stories and facts that could help the admissions committee get to know you better. Tell why you're a unique person and why you would be an asset to RIT. Share what makes you who you are and how you would enhance the campus community.
  • Don't let your parents do everything! Remember that you are the one applying to college. Take initiative, do your research, and be true to yourself!
  • Don't get senioritis! The Office of Undergraduate Admissions checks in with school counselors to get updates on academic performance. Don't hurt your chances of gaining admission by not finishing the year strong academically.
  • Meet deadlines. All application credentials must be received by December 1, 2015 for Early Decision consideration and by February 1, 2016 for Regular Decision consideration.
  • If necessary, share extenuating circumstances. For example: if your grades suffered junior year due to an illness or injury, mention that in the additional information section of your application.
  • Include second and third program choices for admissions consideration. RIT practices Differential Admissions, so know that you are applying for admission to a specific academic program. Some of our programs are highly competitive and space-limited, so be sure to put down a second and/or a third choice if you have more than one area of study that interests you.
  • If you can, visit campus. This is incredibly important! Take advantage of open houses, campus tours, and other RIT programs to get a feel for the school and see if you feel comfortable here. 
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