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College & Careers: August 2011

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 09 August 2011. Posted in Admissions Process

This past weekend was the 2nd and last College & Careers of the summer (and my last one ever). Yikes! 

You can read about the adventures from the 1st C&C [here].

I talked about my denial of the fact that I'm a senior in my last blog post. Still hasn't set in yet. Not even the millionth time that I got asked what I want to do with my life post graduation. I still have so many months to figure that out! (or so I'd like to think). It was nice talking to parents & prospective students this weekend though about my experiences at RIT & realizing how far I've come from high school. While I keep telling myself that I'm totally unprepared, I kind of had a nice realization this weekend that I just might be :) More on that in another post though!

Thankfully C&C this time around it was not a billion degrees outside (automatic plus). 


This time around we did have an 125+ person Dodgeball Game. Unlike when RIT set the World Record for the largest dodgeball game, we didn't have an official count. But it was pretty huge. I ducked out after a few minutes as to not get myself or the camera in the middle of the action. 


Ritchie also made his rounds which can be seen on the Facebook page


Of course, there was the Friday night activity Minute to Win It which always gets huge cheers from the crowd. 

On Saturday is when everyone goes to sessions that are really "mini classes" to give them a feel for that major/subject area. I got to drop in on a class taught by a professor that I had last Fall Quarter. I got to walk around and help with suggestions on logos that they were designing for a pet store and a grocery store. Pretty neat.



To see other pictures from this weekend visit the Facebook page - there are also pictures from the Photobooth that we had set up in the SAU (Student Alumni Union). 

Hope that everyone who came had a great time! Don't hesistate to contact us if you have any questions that were not answered this weekend as well.

Were you at College & Careers this past weekend? Let us know your favorite part!

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