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Community Outreach

Sarah Alef on Saturday, 02 August 2008. Posted in Community Service, RIT Mission, Study Abroad

One of the (many) cool things about this study abroad is the opportunity on Saturday afternoons to work with kids from the surrounding town and teach swim lessons.  There are other activities as well, like snorkeling off the dock, coloring, and pick up games of ping pong, soccer, volleyball etc.  Given my background and the fact that I work for a YMCA teaching swim lessons normally, I have been giving swim lessons for the last three Saturdays.  We drain the pool so that the kids can touch the bottom, and then choose to teach them whatever they feel like learning that day.  Here's a picture:


After the outreach session, we had another drift snorkel, but the current was so strong that it didn't last very long.  I did get to see a turtle though, and some really big specimens of fish.