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Consider a Club

Sandra Malinowski on Monday, 18 July 2016. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

"Should I join Electronic Gaming Society?"
"Maybe I want to be part of an intramural sport team?"
"Rock Climbing club sounds fun, maybe I'll try that!"

As an incoming freshman, you are going to discover many clubs and you are also going to want to take part in almost all of them which is fine. It is all part of the process, finding where you fit in, what interests you, who you get along with, etc. One of the days during orientation week there will actually be a club fair where freshmen can go around and see what clubs we have on campus. And in case you were curious, the last up to date count of clubs on campus is 333 so there will be many options! You can choose to be part of an academic club like society for software engineers, or a sports club like soccer club, or a social fun club like ukulele club.

As a freshman, I was hesitant to join clubs. I tried a few like tango club and hand lettering club, but my favorite thus far has been ukulele club. To give you a look inside this club, I decided to interview Alexis, one of the members who has been part of the group since arriving on campus.

Me: So, what was your impression of ukulele club?

Alexis: I had some prior stereotypes about members of the club which were quickly washed away. They were really responsible for breaking me out of my shell. When I came on campus I was shy and nervous but they were so encouraging of me from chord one.

Me: Did they have you perform in front of people?

Alexis: Well for the club and during events, but it helped me break out of my shell.

Me: So what events does the club do?

Alexis: Each year we do Rochester's Fringe Fest and Relay for Life. For Fringe Fest, President Destler will perform before us which is so cool. We are hoping that he will play with our club before he retires.

Me: If there was one thing you wanted people to know about Uke Club, what would it be?

Alexis: Having learned to play the ukulele, it is an instrument that helps you de-stress at the end of the day. It's a great escape!

So, definitely check out the club fair and have fun!