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construction + freckles + hot = summer

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 09 May 2007. Posted in Residence Life, Rochester & Monroe County

it's hot out. yes, that does happen sometimes here in rochester. i'm not a big fan of the sudden heatwave. i'm going to die in florida this summer. maybe i'll just become nocturnal. i'm not going to spend much more time rambling on about the weather, i have so much to talk about!!

for starters, college town is finally under construction. this is a big deal. for those of you who don't know, college town is a whole area on campus that is going to have apartments and shops and maybe restaurants?? whatever, it's going to be new and cool when it is finished next summer/fall. i'm hoping to move into one of the apartments. nothing too big has happened's not like there's buildings going up yet. but they cleared some trees and they're digging for some reason by perkins and colony. i'm only going to get to experience it for a year and then some, you lucky kids will get it a lot longer than me. 

i found the apartment i am going to be living in this summer. i'm pumped, i get my own room for two months!! woohoo!!! it's a lot nicer (and also more expensive) than where i live now so i am going to have to be dragged out of their kicking and screaming. i'll most likely be screaming "NOOO DISHWASHER I WANT YOU DISHWASHER!!" oh what a luxury it will be. knowing where i am going to be living july and august is a pretty big being homeless woo!!

as you probably already know from reading other blogs, springfest was this past weekend! it was quite enjoyable. i don't think i got any work done though, so that was kind of a down side. but i am pretty on top of my stuff this quarter. go me.

i went to niagara falls, CANADA on friday with some friends. earlier in the spring i went to the american side which has a really nice park, but that's about it. the canadian side is a tourist trap and i love it. also, the nicer weather might have helped. we ate dinner at rainforest cafe which was pretty cool. i have never been there before. they have robotic animals all around the dining area and a waterfall and foliage and every so often it "storms". much better than your ordinary mcdonald's. i definitely plan on going back, maybe some weekend trips this summer, and we're trying to plan a big trip with everybody when we get back in the fall. my roommate was fine getting into canada and back in to the us with just her license but they are going to require passports soon, so you all should get one so you can enjoy canada.

(okay, i suck with technology. i'm trying to upload some pics of me and my friends and the falls and it's not happening)

saturday night was the ben folds concert in our fantabulous field house. there was quite a large crowd and the concert was pretty sweet. i love that we have a great area for concerts here. a lot of times, if the concerts are put on by cab (college activity board) we get tickets at a discounted rate for being students! the next major thing is going to be brick city weekend in october, i wonder who they are going to pull in for that. this past year, the bands were matchbook romance and yellowcard.  

after the concert, i went to the carnival for a bit, but it was quite chilly out and even COLDER when i went up on the ferris wheel. so then my friends and i (pretty much the same group as from canada) went to my friend heather's apartment. her mom was up for the night and to celebrate cinco de mayo, her mom had made all sorts of tacos and dips and we all had a ton of fun.

sunday was my RIT singers concert. it was so much fun. it was the closest i've come to doing a musical on campus. we did two operettas, the reluctant dragon and trial by jury. a bit of change from last quarter when we did christmas songs and beethoven's choral symphony. if you have any interest in singing, there's lots to do here on campus. RIT singers is a class through our liberal arts department (so i get credit for singing) and there are also four a capella groups. more info on them next week though, they have a big concert coming up!! sidenote sidenote -- another interesting event happening this weekend -- RIT players is doing their whole 24 hours of theater thing. basically, they start friday at 6 pm and audition people, write the script, rehearse, do everything, and perform the next night at six pm. at the meeting this weekend they were discussing call times for various groups of people. the actors have to be there at 5:30 in the morning to start rehearsal, writing the show is going to go from eight pm til whenever its done, tech stuff is going to happen in the wee hours of the morning. i'm not participating this time because i have a ton of work to do, but maybe in the fall i'll try it!

after my singers concert, i went to olive garden with mark and tam. i know that is not exciting at all, but i love olive garden. it's yummy. also, it's not that far from campus so it's not like we're trekking twenty minutes for some good food (even though i did that last night but it's cause i wanted to go to the beach). so olive garden = two thumbs up.

that night, i went to another concert (technically three concerts in twenty four hours, sweet!) but this one was not on RIT's campus. some students from the eastman school of music in rochester got together and decided to perform an album. they listened to sufjan steven's album "illinois" and arranged the music for a large group and sunday night they performed to a PACKED room at the school. not gonna lie, it was pretty much the coolest musical thing i have ever attended in my entire life and if they recorded it and sold copies of the recording, i would buy one. i wasn't even that big of a sufjan steven's fan before i went. elena had sent me some of his songs, but kara and tam really wanted to go and since they are carless, i went along too. i figured hey, it's free and i have nothing else to do. we were a few minutes late and when we got there, people were spilling out into the hallway. we stood outside too but we did manage to find some seats near the end when some people left. i'm slowly exploring more and more of the rochester area and i have decided that it is not so bad after all.

(more sucking at technology happening here -- i really want to put in a song. any of you bloggers can help me???)

i also got to go to the real java's this weekend. this was seriously the weekend that never ended. it was AMAZING. but anywho, back to real java's. on campus, we have a pretty sweet coffee shop called java wally's. it's based off of java's which is downtown, right near the eastman school. i refer to it as real java's. real java's is large and even has a room downstairs with pool tables. i think i was there once before, sometime last year when we were shooting in downtown rochester, but it was to only run in and get something real quick. 

since i have finished my report on my wonderful springfest weekend, i have some happy news!! in an earlier entry, i mentioned my roommate's boyfriend, dave, who was hit by a car in april. he is doing well, he woke up last week and he is now out of the hospital. he isn't home yet, but he is in a physical therapy/rehabilitation sort of place. basically, he is proof that miracles exist. he doesn't have any brain damage or broken bones, just some scratches on his face and he's real sore and a little slower getting around. tiffany and dave and their families send their thanks to everybody who kept dave in their thoughts and prayers.

and. to end with. weather. again. if ever you don't know what to talk about, you can always talk about weather. i suppose the hot has been good. people are outside. doing things. campus is lively. trees are in bloom. it's also a bit of a distraction. my friends are like "MANDA get outside you pale thing! let's go lay in the sun!!" and then like a cartoon the little angel is on one shoulder saying "go up to the lab and edit your pictures." and the little devil is on the other shoulder going "go outside! freckle! go go go!!" one more week of classes. SUMMER IS HERE.