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Continuing to Learn Between Breaks!

Shane O'Shea on Sunday, 27 December 2015. Posted in Vacation / Break

As the semester is coming to a close and the mountain of final projects and papers has finally been climbed, it is nice to see our winter break right around the corner! I have done some really fun final projects before break. Below is a picture of a model medieval cage cup I designed and researched on how it would be made back then.        

Another final I just wrapped up was a 12 page paper for my History of Digital Graphics class. I had to pick a topic of my choice and do in-depth research on how it was formed and used throughout history! I decided to choose fluid simulation dynamics and how it has developed over time in movies for realistic water and smoke simulations.    

In the realm of computer graphics and 3D work, I personally love visual effects. Being able to replicate real-world phenomenon, such as the motions of oceans and other complex forms, is right up my alley! I have not worked too much with fluid dynamic simulation systems in the past, but over break my plan is to do some very fun tests and projects with it!   As a designer and student, I cannot stress how important it is to actually keep learning over your summer and winter breaks here at RIT. It helps my keep my portfolio dynamic, keep information I learned from the last term fresh, and is a really nice advantage heading into the next term in general. Having an added tool under your belt that you didn’t have prior heading into the new year is perfect. I can my new skills to my advantage and potentially utilize them in future projects.

I find this even more exciting because I am taking a course next semester which touches on particle effects more in-depth and works with simulating natural phenomenon. While this concept is partially new to me, it’s definitely great to have the advantage of already having some of that basic knowledge under my belt. It will be a bit easier when getting an introduction to the course and may even allow me to expand my projects into more complex, in-depth works. In the end, continuing to improve my skills will be a great advantage to my education and future portfolio - which is endlessly beneficial for future job opportunities.   In closing, I just want to encourage everyone to keep studying and to learn something new that excites you. Of course, enjoy your break and make sure you take time to wind down after finals week and the holidays. If you are able to learn at least one new thing to help you for the next semester, you are in an awesome position to keeping quality work flowing!