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Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 24 January 2008. Posted in The Arts

tomorrow...tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. we open tomorrow. i'm kind of nervous seeing as i have yet to make it full a full run-through for a variety of reasons (class, work, having an unfortunate run-in with gravity).

but really, the show is going real great and if you are in the greater rochester area you must must must come see it!!!

like i said earlier, i actually like keeping busy. i learned that pretty early on freshman year. keeping busy when you're first here is probably the best thing you can do. you'll meet new people, make friends, and it will also keep your mind off home because everybody misses home a bit.

my friends make fun of me for knowing a lot of people. anywhere we go on campus, i'll see like five people i know. the other night, one of my roommates asked me how i kept so busy and knew so many people. the answer is simple. GET INVOLVED.

getting involved is the secret to success ANYWHERE you go. my freshman year, i started working at admissions and i also hung around a lot on photo house, one of RIT's special interest houses. the next year, i was an off-floor member of photo house. i also started working at the photo cage. i'm in singers and last year, i got involved with players. and i think everybody knows what those two lead to...MUSICAL!! new for this year: TAGA (technical association of graphic arts) and swing dance club.

since RIT is on the quarter system, you have three chances each year (four if you stick around for summer) to get involved. however, some things only start up in the fall (rush for a capella).


top left: cassie, me, and laura at swing dance club.
top right: apple picking with photo house!
bottom left: the men of singers rehearsing
bottom right: a massage train during play rehearsal (chris, laura, me, marc, erin, cassie, amber)