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Crazy Tour Questions

Becky Drexler on Monday, 03 August 2015.

I've been working for the admissions office at RIT for just over a year now. One of my favorite parts of the job is meeting new people and talking with families. Often times, when I tell friends I work for admissions, the first thing they want to know is what is the craziest question I have ever heard. To be honest, most of the questions I get asked are pretty on point. Many questions involve classes or academics; some involve campus life. Here are just a few that I've heard:

"If you could go back, what would you do differently?"
Hmmmm. Well if I could go back, I probably would look into the University Studies Program, or done more research on different majors so I wouldn't end up switching after my freshman year. RIT has great undecided programs in each of our academic colleges. Had I known about Engineering Exploration, I may have found an engineering program I really liked, and I might have stayed an engineer. It's ok to not know what you're doing when you head off to college; I definitely didn't. I met a lot of great people in Civil Engineering Technology and am happy RIT had so many options for me... So, no regrets on any of my past decisions.

"You seem normal. What is the typical RIT student like? Are they outgoing? Are they more introverted?"
Yes, the family did say that I seemed "normal," which I'll take as a compliment I guess! Honestly, due to the wide range of majors offered at RIT, there is a very diverse student body. You will find a little bit of everything here. I am very involved in campus, so I've met a lot of people who are also fairly outgoing and involved. Being a technical school, however, does attract some people who tend to be on the more introverted side.

"Favorite food on campus?"
Definitely Salsarita's. It's a Mexican restaurant similar to a Moe's or a Chipotle. My favorite thing to order is the chicken quesadilla with chips and queso and extra seasoning on the chips. Best. Thing. Ever. There's a decent variety of places to eat on campus though, so I can always find something to eat.

"How are the dorms?"
I really enjoyed the dorm life. Freshmen at RIT are required to live in the dorms their freshman year if they live outside a 30 mile radius. Being a local Rochesterian, I actually had the choice whether or not to live in the residence halls. Nothing against my parents, but I was set on getting that "college experience" and living in the dorms. I found a roommate from the local area, and lived with her in a double. I recommend living in the dorms (if you have the choice, like me). It's great to be on campus and to have the feeling of responsibility. It also allowed me to get more involved on campus and go to more events, since I was already there.

"How tough is the work load?"
This one depends on your major and how you are as a student. I started my freshman year in Civil Engineering Technology. The workload kept me busy, but as long as I didn't procrastinate, I was able to get everything done and still have free time (and I worked part-time too). My second year, I switched my major to New Media Design. Unlike engineering, New Media Design is a project-based major with a lot of studio classes and big projects. Some weeks I had very little work outside of class, and other weeks it seemed like everything was due at the same time and I worked tirelessly to finish everything.

"Is it easy to find a job on campus?"
There are lots of jobs, but they may not necessarily be the ones you are looking for. Food service is always hiring. I worked in one of the dining halls my freshman year. I loved certain parts of it, like baking cookies. Don't be afraid to ask around and continue applying for different positions. I love my current job at admissions, and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. (And I'm not just saying this is the best job ever because my boss reads my blogs, but because it's true).