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Crazy Yokohama

Joe Conley on Saturday, 26 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

The sleeper train from Sapporo was delayed by a few hours again, they might have said it was due to the earthquake a few days ago. We did travel through the area where it happened. We checked back into the hostel in Yokohama for tonight, but tomorrow we're going to a Japanese-style inn in Tokyo.

I went back to the Motomachi shopping area to buy some coffee and do a little more souvenir shopping. When I came back to use the internet in the hostel lobby, I met another student staying here from RIT. He needed a little yen, so I exchanged a little with him for American money.

After that, when I was finishing my laundry and getting ready for bed, I got stopped by an old man in his underwear in the hallway of the hostel. He was trying to teach me some Japanese for some reason, but he was really hard to understand, even when I understood his Japanese I wasn't sure what he was trying to tell me. I think he was a little crazy, the hostel is in kind of a sketchy area, and there seems to be a lot of strange people here.

After he kept me and another poor kid from Holland who didn't know any Japanese busy for like an hour, he finally stopped and let us sleep.