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Erin Hazeltine on Thursday, 07 January 2010. Posted in Coursework, Institute Requirements, Life After RIT, Majors & Minors, Student Life

"Some say we're crazy to do it, we think you're crazy not to."
This blog (the beginning) was written before break and it was planned to be posted BEFORE break, however in the pre-break craziness I guess it just escaped me! So sorry to you all for leaving you hanging!

For my Information Design class (with Bruce Ian Meader, program Chair of Graphic Design, and the one that you probably have all met with if you are submitting a portfolio for Graphic Design.)
For the past 3 weeks we have been working on making new forms for the Senior Internship Course that the design department offers. Now you would think designing a form that we have most of the information for, would be pretty similar, but no not to the trained eye! We have just spent 3 hours in critique critiquing 12 yes only 12 projects out of 23. Each and every one of them were completely different, yet very similar. There was a thicker stroke here and a thinner stroke there. The text was sitting just a hairline above the next... The point of this blog is to not tell you that in your 3rd year of Graphic Design you will notice a hairline of change, which you probably will but that those crazy foundations courses you go through your first two years really do pay off. That hierarchy project that you will inevitably do will be referred back to millions of time. This very project for a Junior class was ALL about Hierarchy, it just did not include 12 different exercises step by step with changes. It was imperative that your hierarchy was good otherwise what you were trying to communicate would not be communicated. I think that this is the year, 3rd year where life gets pretty freaky only one year left in this environment of knowing what the next day brings so be prepared, and ready to take on the challenges.

It has just recently hit me that this is my last year of really going to class and having instruction, knowing what is coming next, being able to go to the professor to get help, guidance because HE/SHE knows what HE/SHE wants, a client you would not normally get!

It is a year of being sure that what you are doing is really what you want to do. I more commonly this year have been going home to work on my projects, and question is this really what I want to do? It is hard to come in every day and be completely confident, you are amoungst some of the best emerging designers, and that is all you have to compare yourself too. So it is more imperitive than ever that you step up and do/be who you want to be.  I am having a very hard time grasping only one year left!

With that said BE CONFIDENT! You can DO IT! I just keep telling myself that over and over again! Luckily my friends and roommates remind me that I am good at what I do.