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Day 2 of TAW

Sandra Malinowski on Wednesday, 02 December 2015. Posted in Speakers, Student Life, The Arts

So although this is a bit later than the Thought At Work conference, I have a recap of the second day of the conference. 

The day started off with bagels and coffee as students started filing in for the first workshop of the day. Although Adobe was doing a presentation, I really wanted to see Ilana Schwartz, who is an animator for Nickelodeon. She talked to us about Java doodles, which sounds just as the name explains, doodles on coffee cups. She actually started doodling on Java cups when she attended RIT from 2010-2014. She came up with many show ideas from her doodles, which she started keeping track of when she graduated RIT so she could show them as part of her portfolio. She told us a bit about how she has branded herself and markets her show ideas to the head animators of Nickelodeon. 

After the first session, it was time for a lunch break. A few friends and I thought was a bit early for lunch, so we headed over to the TAW lounge. It was a really nice setup. There were strings of lights hanging from the ceiling and tables set up if you just wanted to doodle. It was so nice that we hung out there for a whole hour before we headed over to the Student Alumni Union. The second keynote speaker was scheduled to present in Ingle Auditorium. Since we were still early for the presentation, we decided to go to the Fireside Lounge - which was rocking out.

Some of the students had gotten ahold of the piano and were really jamming. It was so much fun! Shortly later, people started heading into the auditorium for the keynote.  I headed in with one my friends, Emily. Apparently, we did not run in quick enough because seats were flying off the shelves! We managed to snag four seats with a good view. The auditorium was slowly becoming louder and louder as the anticipation and excitement grew for Seb Lester. Tickets were being sold at the door for anyone who wanted to stop by and see the amazing typographer! Slowly the voices in the room became a loud buzz and then turned to a murmur as the lights dimmed.

The Adobe team took to the stage first. They told us how they struggled in the beginnings of their career, became skilled and respected, and about their coolest creation: Adobe mix. This product is actually Adobe in application form, which can be downloaded to your apple phone or tablet (the android version is being worked on currently). The app is really cool for switching faces on people and quick edits, but if you want to do something more technical, stick to the Adobe desktop version. 

After they left the stage, Seb Lester came on and the crowd went crazy. We were ecstatic to see him. At first he talked a bit about his life and education. Then he talked about when he realized he could become a professional typographer, which he succeeded in becoming. He talked about his work and where his fonts can be found in current use. Once, he was interviewed by a British newspaper and they asked him what his dream was. His answer was to get his logo on some sort of spaceship. Well, would you believe that NASA contacted him within the following week? That's right ladies and gentlemen, dreams can come true because Seb Lester has his logo on a satellite that is circulating the earth. Later on, Seb Lester took time off to care for his ill partner. During this difficult time, he decided to draw/write heartbreaking phrases in beautiful calligraphy, such as "your husband ran off with the milkman" or "I'm shagging your sister". His mini art pieces made us (and his partner) have a few moments of fun. He closed his presentation with a video from his portfolio of the gold lettering calligraphy. It was amazing and so exciting to see Seb Lester - who is British, in case I forgot to mention, so hearing him speak was musical.