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Dayton Air Show

Patricia Schiotis on Tuesday, 10 July 2012. Posted in Co-op

Perks of working at a big company: other co-ops.  GE Aviation is my first co-op where I have direct contact with multiple co-ops in my office alone, not to mention the hundreds of others in the Cincinnati area.  Every day the co-ops are pounded with emails of different activities to meet the other co-ops from schools across the country.  When I first started I usually just interacted with the 5 other co-ops in my office, but now I have decided to start attending the events and meeting new friends.  One of the first activities I reached out to other co-ops was for the 4th of July fireworks festival called “Red White and Blue Ash” which took part in a neighboring town to the GE plant, Blue Ash.  Let me tell you, the fireworks display honoring America was probably the best I have actually seen in person.

The next activity I attended was the Dayton Air Show.  GE was a sponsor of the Air Show, and obviously most of the co-ops have an added interest with being Aerospace or Mechanical Engineers with an Aerospace option. I am the oddball where my interest lies in bioengineering, more specifically medical devices, but when I had to opportunity to work at GE Aviation, I took it.  Although I am not into aerospace like some of the other co-ops, I still can’t deny how awesome the airshow was.  Being able to see the different planes, walk through a NASA exhibit, and even having the chance to walk through an Air Force Jet, all very interesting.  Not to mention the actual air show.

The first show we watched was an honorary exhibit for the Pearl Harbor bombings in World War II.  There were actual explosions in the fields brought on by the “Tora Tora Tora” performance, which featured 8 replica aircraft including Zero fighters, Kate torpedo bombers and Val dive bombers.  The performance was covered in smoke and fire that mimicked some of the scenes that were witnessed in the surprise attack on December 7th 1941.  After this performance my friends and I decided to walk around and explore the exhibits more.  This brought us to the NASA exhibit where we got to meet Astronaut Gregory H. Johnson!
IMG_1090    toratora

After exploring, we made our way back to the fields to set up and watch the U.S Navy Blue Angels!  Yet another amazing performance but the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, flown the most talented pilots in the country.  I’ve seen the Blue Angels a few times in the past, and every time the show is remarkable.  I always marvel at how precise they can fly and the tricky maneuvers demonstrated in the air.  Although this show was good, it does not surpass the time I saw them at the home in Pensacola, Florida, right on the beach with the Gulf view behind them! BLUE ANGELS FUN FACT:  they fly with GE Aviation Engines! If you ever have the opportunity to watch a show, it is definitely not an attraction to miss!
blue_angels_group  IMG_1111   delta_blue_angels  IMG_1118

After the airshow, my carpool of co-ops decided to stop at “Steak ‘n Shake” for lunch.  To be honest, I was septic on how good this place going to be, but in reality by far the best shake I have ever had.  I chose the peanut butter and banana shake, and I inhaled the shake due to the deliciousness!  The food was also better than I had imagined, I can tell you I will be making multiple stops there while out in Cincinnati this summer!

The only other new adventure I went on this week was for my lunch at work today.  Everyone at work keeps telling me all these places to try out in Cincinnati, one of them being a chain called “Penn-Station” which makes East Coast Style subs.  Like the other Cincinnati food adventures, again, delicious.  The sub was perfectly made and the fries were also just as yummy.  A successful Monday lunch to help finish up the dreadful “case of the Monday’s” I was having.  After a weekend of sun, making new friends, and the air show, I did not look forward to an 8 hour work day.  Luckily, the day seemed to pass by quick with many projects to help pass my time and cause for a great learning experience.