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Cory Gregory on Sunday, 08 July 2007. Posted in Student Life

Yesterday I found a saying on a friend's facebook page that I thought was pretty interesting. It said "Tall people may be taller, but they always get rained on first". It's just a simple saying, but it gave me something to think about. Yes, it's true that tall people do physically get rained on first since the rain reaches us first, but I also thought about the quote in a different way as well. You've heard the saying "rained on" or "rain on my parade" before and I was thinking, do taller people "get rained on" more than shorter people? The real answer is that I just think way too much about everything lol...

This saying was from the package of a Dentyne gum container. All the Dentyne gum packages have different sayings called Dentyne-isms and most of them are pretty interesting to just think about. I looked online trying to find some of the other sayings and I compiled a list of the ones I could find, since no one had done that yet. Here is the list of the sayings that I found on the internet:

1. Take the path less traveled (but bring plenty of underwear).

4. Why don’t aliens ever kidnap normal people?

5. Today’s the day. (If not tomorrow is too).

7. Tall people may be taller, but they always get rained on first.

9. Do unto other, but don’t use unto in casual conversation.

11. Why is it always awkward when the music stops in a bar?

14. The beauty of a vibrating phone goes beyond silence.

16. The more time you spend staring into her eyes, the less you'll talk later.

17. Lift someone’s spirits (but try not to throw out your back).

19. Don't date anyone who says they “need to be selfish right now”.

22. Whoever said the chase is half the fun has never been caught.

26. Love is blind, but lingerie is still a good thing.

27. Why is “abbreviated” such a long word?

28. Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

30. If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is probably not for you.

31. How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you’re on.

32. All signs point to yes… Take it how you’d like.

34. For a more intense workout, whack a beehive with a bat.

38. How is it that every movie that comes out is “The Best Movie of the Year”?

68. Someday parachute pants may come back in. Today is not that day.

81. Mint is said to be a good mouse deterrent. You’re on your own against hyenas.

82. You're only as old as people think you are.

85. If you're scared, just whistle. If that doesn't work, run.

91. Beware of anyone who overuses the word "exanguination".

92. Why do people call their advice “two cents” when it’s usually worthless?

95. Picking a scab early may leave a scar, but it sure is fun.

96. Making the bed: Not Fun. Messing it up again: Fun.

104. If your life had a soundtrack, would it be played by an orchestra or a band of accordions?

111. The scenery was nice, but the road was a little curvy.

116. Replacing someone’s parachute with canned goods is not funny. Okay, yes it is.

117. A first date is not the place to mention you've done time.

121. Life is like the protective cup a man wears when playing sports, sometimes it gets sweaty and uncomfortable, but if you get kicked in the nuts you are glad you didn’t forget to wear it.

127. Happiness is a brand new pack of Dentyne Fire.

131. Why is it that the more you spend on dinner, the hungrier you are when you leave the restaurant?

132. Making faces in the mirror is one of life’s great secret pleasures.

135. Why do bad guys always flee upstairs to the roof?

136. Much worse than tennis elbow is video game butt.

138. Instead of saying cheers, make up something, and say it’s foreign.

142. Don’t cut the pineapple with a broken knife, or the knife will turn into Woodstock ’69.

152. Want to see the world? Just look down. That’s it right there.

154. Think about this, EVERYONE thinks they look good then they leave the house

159. Open your eyes when you kiss - if you get caught, what can they say?

160. I dare you to chew a few pieces of Dentyne Ice and then drink some very cold water.

161. Corduroy underwear: never had a chance.

162. Try this: to get someone to keep talking - nod your head and say “REALLY?” a lot.

163. If a candy bar says "now with real chocolate", what were you eating before?

169. The muumuu has yet to realize its full potential as a fashion trend.

170. If you name your dog rollover, you’re going to have to bathe him a lot.

171. My vacuum cleaner is dust – What should I do?

173. Had the Trojan horse been a large bran muffin, might history have been different?

174. Try this: to get someone to stop talking, look at your watch a lot.

I hope you found some of these sayings as interesting as I did. If you happen to know some of the others, feel free to leave them in a comment! :)