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Double Rainbow

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 14 September 2010.

I had a class today from 6-9 (History of Graphic Design). Fortunately for me, we got out a bit early and I was able to witness this rainbow! Double rainbow actually. (Anyone seen the youtube viral video that has been going around recently?)

It was hilarious how many people whipped out their camera phones and started snapping pictures. I was riding my bike at the time and I was trying to take a picture while riding until I realized how difficult said set up was. Everyone was yelling "DOUBLE RAINBOW!!" People started pouring out of surrounding buildings to take a look at it.


I managed to get a few pretty cool pictures. The actual color of the sky is really hard to replicate with a camera phone. But just imagine a  really deep shade of orange across the entire part of the sky. So neat!


Notice all of the construction cones? They're almost done! The first picture is taken by part of the bike path construction that is running along the backside of campus. The second is over the Greek Houses and part of Riverknoll in the distance. 

And finally a picture of Global Village! It's open! I passed by yesterday and saw that the Mexican restaurant is officially open and ready for business. The mail room is open but still under going a bit of construction. I'll try to get around to taking some close ups of the new spaces soon!