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Drift Snorkel

Sarah Alef on Wednesday, 30 July 2008. Posted in Research, Study Abroad

Today we went out on a drift snorkel, which is when the boat drops you off and then you drift with the current until you reach the pick up point.  I won't bore you with a bunch of details, but we saw a ton of different animals, and one of the girls who had an underwater digital camera gave me her pictures to post on here.  Not all of these are from the drift snorkel, but here's a taste of what I've been viewing underwater for the last two weeks.

This is a spotted eagle ray.  They're pretty common around the TCI area, I've seen at least 10-12 in the last two weeks. Sometimes they travel in packs, other times they just hang out on the bottom by themselves.  This isn't the biggest I've seen either.


I know this picture is faint, but this is a nurse shark, probably about 5-6 feet long.  They're fairly common in the area, but very shy and they tend to hide from activity.  This is probably the biggest one I've seen thus far, but I've only seen about 3-4.

This is a Spiny Caribbean lobster, or Panilus argus and he is pretty common around the TCI area.  Lobster season begins in two days, on August 1st, and lobster is one of the main exports of the TCI.  This is quite possibly the biggest lobster I've ever seen, but I've been told that they grow even bigger.  He wasn't real happy about us discovering his hiding place.  Lobsters are nocturnal, so we don't see them very often during the daytime unless they're super big and don't have much to worry about in terms of predators.