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Early Decision Notifications

Mariah McLane Giardino on Friday, 07 January 2011. Posted in Admissions Process

With the January 15 deadline for Early Decision notification looming, we’ve heard from many students who are anxious that they haven’t yet received an admissions decision from us. Don’t stress! Although some Early Decision letters have already been mailed, counselors are still reviewing applications and will be through the end of next week. If you submitted all of the required application materials by the December 1 deadline, we guarantee that your notification will be sent out by January 15, so keep checking your mailbox. If anything was submitted later than December 1, it may take us a little longer to review your application and supporting credentials. Hang in there!

For those of you who have received your Early Decision acceptance letters and were accepted to your first-choice program, congratulations! The next steps are to withdraw applications from all other colleges/universities and pay your $300 deposit by February 15 to hold your place in the class. If you are interested in seeing an early estimate of your financial aid package, make sure you’ve filled out either the FAFSA form OR the early version of the financial aid application (mailed to all Early Decision applicants).

I would also suggest that you connect with other students through our Accepted Student Facebook group.There are links to helpful information about housing, financial aid, activating your RIT computer account, and attending accepted student events both on and off campus. Joining the Facebook group can get you in touch with future classmates so you can have friends before you even arrive on campus! To get a feel for campus life from a student’s perspective, you can follow several of our current students’ adventures through their blogs on this site and on Twitter.  

The application process can often seem daunting, so please feel free to contact the Admissions office anytime with questions. The other admissions counselors and I are here to help you whenever you need us. You can also feel free to comment here with any questions. Good luck!