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eff why ee?

Maria Sharp on Friday, 30 October 2009. Posted in Advising & Support

Every first year student is required to take a class called FYE or First Year Enrichment. This course helps with your transition from high school to college. Most students hear that is a worthless class because it is easy and common sense. I personally enjoy my FYE class. I have a great instructor, Lisa Bodenstedt. (You might be lucky enough to get her if you an art student.) Lisa is very engaging and helpful in and outside of class. During FYE you are required to have a "coaching session" with your instructor.  It is a 30 minute appointment and you basically talk about whatever is going on in your life. During my session I saw much she really cares about us and wants us to succeed.
I have learned a lot and I am really glad we have to take the class. Have an open mind about FYE, it will do you some good!

Here is an article about Lisa that I found in the Reporter (RIT's student run magazine)