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Eggs are the start of life

Stacy Kowsz on Sunday, 15 April 2007. Posted in Student Life

A whole Sunday later, I am finally getting around to posting about Easter.
I had wanted to go home for Easter, but I didn't. Most of my friends were here at RIT. We ate the tons of Easter candy sent from home, and made the best of the holiday.
The day consisted pretty much of easter eggs: (a wikipedia link, my most relied upon source of knowledge; go learn more than you wanted to know about easter eggs)
  • coloring eggs
  • trying to suck an egg into a bottle
  • eating egg salad and deviled eggs
  • eating candy (shaped like eggs or from inside Easter eggs)
Coloring Eggs: The cornerstore on campus sells egg dying kits. Here's the results of an afternoon of college kids+hard boiled eggs+egg dye+inventive options of duct tape and rubber cement (since we didn't have any wax crayons).

Trying to suck an egg into a bottle: We were determined to complete this 5th grade activity. As college students, we felt that this was something we could handle. Several hours later, we mastered a successful technique. It was a lot harder than we expected, but it was a good time.

Eating! My favorite part of any holiday.

A final FYI.
Egg Jarping:
Rules of the game:
1) One person goes first.  Her opponent holds his egg cupped in his hand so that the point end is just exposed.  Person One then uses the point of her egg to hit the opponent's point.  This is the point-to-point battle.  One person's point will break (you don't want this to happen).
2) Butt-to-butt.  Repeat step one, but reverse the holder/hitter roles, and hit the bottom ends, opposite the points together.
3) Either A) One person has both ends of his/her egg broken.  If so, they lose.  B) Point-to-Butt if each person has one end broken.  Whoever breaks now loses.
4) The winning egg can continue on to challenge other opponents.  Eventually, all the eggs, except one, will be broken on both ends.  There will be a winner. 
I'm not promising this is the world's most fun game, but it's a competition, for all of those competitive people out there, here's a way to officially win on Easter.