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Joe Conley on Sunday, 13 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

So since my camera broke yesterday, I decided it would probably be a good day to go buy a new one. I did a little research online to see what was good, and decided to go to the store called "1 Million Volts" that was recommended for it's prices and selection. I got a map of the 100 yen bus route from Okuno-Sensei, and took it to the store. The place is 3 stories high, and apparently also carries Apple gear, including the iPhone that just released in Japan on Friday.

The camera I wanted was pretty expensive, but pretty nice. They took of 10% when I signed up for a point card, which was weird because I only put down my name since I have no Japanese phone number or address. I took the bus back, and returned the bus map to Okuno-Sensei. A few of the other senseis were there as well, and as a thanks for letting them borrow my travel guide book to Kanazawa, they bought me a Yabuki Joe t-shirt. I really like it and I think they were really generous to have done that.

Afterwards we went to eat at a Gyoza or fried dumpling restaurant, and then went to Baskin Robins because there was some kind of special going on that ended today. Then we worked on our culture class project for awhile, and hung out with the Japanese students for awhile. Then I called my family back home on skype and started working on a photo album for Japan.