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end of summer roadtrip

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 29 August 2007. Posted in Student Life

so i guess one good thing about your parents moving a lot is it gives you a chance to travel. at the beginning of the summer, i got to go to delaware, philly, fort myers, disney world, the bronx, albany, and connecticut before returning to rochester for the majority of the summer. and right now i'm in the midst of another road trip before returning to rochester to start classes.

last friday
baltmap.png balt.jpg
didn't do too much here. flew in. saw some pretty epic "artwork" at the airport. drove drove drove. saw the hotel i stayed at back in the day, some other things.
i wish i had gotten to spend some more time though. baltimore's inner harbor is really cool and filled with things to do.

friday, saturday, sunday
delmap.png delfallout.jpg
friday night mark and i hung out with some of his friends at UD (university of delaware) which is in newark (delaware, not new jersey and yes the two are pronounced differently). saturday we moved mark's younger brother into his dorm room at UD. he's a freshman. move in seemed pretty similar to RIT. guess there's not too many ways to do it. there was a herd of "arrival survival" team members. they were upperclassmen who volunteered to spend the morning lugging mini fridges and tvs to kid's rooms. sunday we visited mark's old school and found the above sign next to the basement door.

new jersey
more importantly, white castle.
newj.png n24407739_31844657_5201.jpg
sunday afternoon/evening/night was spent driving to our friend's house. most of that driving was on the new jersey turnpike which is known for TRAFFIC among other things. what should have been a short drive turned into an epic adventure once we realized we were hungry and decided that we were going to go to white castle since there are none in rochester.
whitecastle.jpg foooooood.jpg
we found one. i don't even know what town it was in. but it was AMAZING. i have been there before, but mark hadn't. he left happy. so if you ever have a chance, eat at white castle.

sunday monday tuesday
the hamptons.
li.png lilove.jpg
southampton is where we were headed when we hit all that traffic. we didn't get there til nearly midnight. monday we went to the beach all day so i could get my freckle on (i don't tan). monday night we hung out with some of leo's friend's from home. we went and played with sparklers on the beach. tuesday we left around lunch time and luckily didn't hit too much traffic.

yesterday today tomorrow
nf ct.
after a brief stop in bedford to see my dad at work, we arrived in ct where i got to see my family and dog. (i have a fourteen year old black lab) we went to stew leonard's. for people not from this area, it's like the disney world of grocery stores. there's animatronic displays and free samples and a petting zoo and sometimes there's people dressed up as animals wandering the store. mark had never been there before, so i took a picture of him with clover, an animatronic cow. that would have been posted if it hadn't been for the more epic discovery above. that is a cactus. growing on the side of the road. in connecticut. elena made a wrong turn last night and we wound up in the neighborhood next to mine. as she was about to turn around, the headlights revealed this beauty to us. she jammed the car into park and we all got out to take pictures. we're going to be here today and part of tomorrow too so you're guaranteed to hear about more redic adventures we have.

thursday friday saturday
boston.png boston.jpg
mark has never been to boston and one of his best friends goes to school up there. i haven't been in awhile and ange just moved to boston last week and then two of my friends go to school outside boston, at tufts and holy cross. so obv this is a stop on our little adventure.

then after all this fun, it's back to rochester to move into my townhouse and start classes. not as fun/interesting as this week is.