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End of Summer Transitioning

Jacob Sachs on Friday, 17 August 2012. Posted in Co-op

As you may know, my co-op at Unilever is a Summer and Fall co-op, around 6 months. However, during the summer there have been about 30 other interns working at Unilever, most of who have been living in the corporate housing where I am located.

Last week was the end of the internship for all of the summer interns. They finished up their projects, gave their final presentations, packed up, and left on Saturday. After becoming friends with many of them, it was definitely hard to say goodbye to them.

In particular, the group of Research and Development interns is the one that I collectively became the most close with. These guys were some of my best friends over the summer.

Sunday I moved apartments from a 2 bedroom that I had with my roommate to a 1 bedroom, but tt didn't really start to set in that everyone left until Monday morning, when there was no shuttle from our apartment, and I drove to work on my own, no other interns in sight.

The only other intern like me is the other packaging co-op, who I know has gone through similar emotions. Despite our friends being gone now, we still are having a blast with every minute of our experience.

At this point, my co-op is starting to feel a little more like mine last year since I was more on my own, but it is different with the area I am living in. It is a pretty good feeling to just say "I'm bored today I will just go to New York City".

Also, many of my projects are starting to pick up in their progress and I am looking forward to getting to some finished results in the next 3+ months that I have left with this experience before going back to school for winter quarter.

For now I am going to run, but to stay up to date on my co-op and other things happening, be sure to read my blogs and follow me on twitter.