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Experience with Drawing Cats

Kevin Mead on Sunday, 12 April 2015. Posted in Innovation

A growing concern among high school students is whether or not universities will provide them with experience in their industry. Knowledge is one thing, but employers are looking more and more for applicants with proven ability in the field. So how has my education at RIT provided me with experience? The list is long, but I’d love to share the most recent example with you.

As an animation major, I am enrolled in the School of Film & Animation’s first team film class. In it, I serve as the creative director overseeing animators, live action filmmakers, and “craft-trackers” in sound and concept art. We are working with a well-known local humane society, Lollypop Farm, to produce a PSA about the importance of spaying and neutering cats to prevent overpopulation in the area. Our story follows a mob of cute and cuddly cats as their everyday activities destroy the city just out of sheer numbers. Giant hairballs run people over, children are buried in the park’s sandbox-like litter, and even a building gets taken down. The savior of the city is a military grade magnet that sucks up all of the cats. The title is a play on words with that imagery. Use your imagination.  The backgrounds and environments are 3D animated, the cats are 2D animated, and the people are live actors.            

Through this process I am learning new moviemaking techniques, improving the skills I already have in animation, and gaining experience working with clients as we communicate with Lollypop Farm. When I was on the college search, finding a university that would prepare me for work in the animation/advertising industry was extremely important, and I’m happy to say that RIT did not disappoint.