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Extreme Home Makeover!

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 21 August 2008.

The Extreme Home Makeover team has come to Geneva, NY to remodel a house for a family. Geneva is a small town on Seneca Lake about 50 min from RIT. The team surprised the family Monday morning and then sent them off to Cancun. The team knocked down a barn on Tuesday and the main house on Wednesday.

Cat and I decided to take a little trip down there after work yesterday. There wasn't too too much going on...they had knocked down the house earlier in the day and they hadn't started putting the new one up yet. Also, we did not see Ty or any other design team members.

They have crazy security around the house. You can't drive anywhere near it, you have to park and walk. The entire area has low fences around it and there are certain areas where spectators can stand. People who live in the area have resident passes so they can freely go back and forth to their homes. There are construction vehicles and trucks EVERYWHERE. We were parked a block up from the construction site and walking back to the car we could see trucks and lights in other people's back yards.

We did discover the town of Geneva which is very cute. We're going to go back on Saturday to go to the park, walk around a bit more, and see the progress on the house. The house is supposed to be finished Sunday and I don't know if that's when the family comes back or what but we figure either way it will be a mad house. Plus, I need to move out of my apartment!

The episode will air on ABC sometime in November, so keep an eye out for it!