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Fall in Rochester

Emily Okey on Tuesday, 27 October 2009. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

Okay, so i'm kind of sensing a weather theme in my blogs (along with hockey, of course) but I can't help it! This is my favorite time of year and it makes for fantastic pictures. 

Anyway, this past weekend my roommate and I got the idea to make apple crisp. We figured since we probably couldn't eat it all ourselves we'd invite people over for a little apple crisp, rock band party. Rochester has this cool deal called the public market which is a year round event involving LOTS of cheap food.. and in our case apples! 




We took a little trip downtown-- with slight detours and momentary panic when we realized how lost we were. But we have this thing about not using GPS's or maps which makes our adventures more fun. We ended up exactly where we needed to be and scored over 60 apples for 10 bucks.. good deal, huh? Our refrigerator got the short end of the deal, it's literally packed with apples they almost didn't fit. 

Some how on our trip we ended up over in Pittsford (a town about 20 minutes east of RIT). We'd never been there before and it looked so nice that we already have plans to head back that way and investigate more. 


And in case you were wondering, the apple crisp was delicious! In fact, there is even some left :)