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Farmers Market

Alissa Anderson on Saturday, 21 August 2010. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

Currently in Burlington, VT moving my sister into her dorm room for the year on campus. For those unfamiliar with Vermont - it is the leading state in "green living," most well known for its nature-loving residents, organic farms, and outdoor activities (rock climbing, skiing, hiking, etc).

After the move-in we hiked down to the Winooski River to check out the Intervale Center – a company that’s main focus is to support and sustain farms, land, and people.  The center manages 350 acres of land that is used to increase access to local and organic food.  We were on the land to find a nice “inside” plant for the dorm….

In Rochester we have a similar set up at the Downtown Farmers Market – a project of the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market Association developed to support sustainable agriculture and family farms in the area. In addition to farms products, the market is also full of vendors and shopping. During the first few weeks during the fall quarter there is usually a mini-market in the field house parking lot by the quarter mile.

For more on the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market:

For more on the Intervale Center:

Check out some of the plants we ran into this afternoon (including one garden dedicated to ingredients in salsa!)