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February 18th...I am so Old... So Old

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 18 February 2006.

So you may be wondering how I am so old. Well it is my Birthday today I am now 20 years old. I am no longer a teen, finally. I am at work right now. I know work on my birthday? But a friend of mine, she needed someone to cover for her so I volunteered. I don’t mind at all. My plans for this “Great” day are work and homework. I have a research paper due Monday that I need to get done, java, and a test Thursday that’s worth 40% of my grade. So I don’t really have much time to celebrate.
Something else that is going on today is Class A’s (Wrestling for HS). It is being hosted as I type this in my old high school Hyde. There is this wrestler Mike Powers, he is essentially a god at wrestling. If you know anything about wrestling you should check him out, amazing, completely amazing. Not to mention he pulls of some wicked sick moves.
This past week has been usual like they always are. I got my java HW done early so I haven’t been stressing about that, and I got to teach myself a few new methods for GUI. When I figure how to make them *.exe I might upload them here, so you can see what we have been up to.
Okay now for the Dotes Song. This week there are many contenders but I must choose one. “What about Everything” by Carbon Leaf. They were at RIT in the fall for a concert, they opened for Jason Mraz. I really enjoyed there show, so go check them out.