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fickle winter weather

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 09 January 2008. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

can some please explain this one to me??

before leaving for break, it snowed. heavily. like get my car stuck three times in a single trip heavy.

yesterday, it was nearly seventy degrees. people were wearing flip flips instead of sneakers or boots and hoodies or even just their t-shirts instead of oh, you know, parkas.

this morning i awoke at some godforsaken hour to the sound of the wind howling past my window. this happens occasionally and normally i just fall back to sleep and blame it on the substandard window installation. but this time, i couldn't fall back to sleep. the wind was actually getting worse. then there was rain pounding against my window. didn't help in the sleep department. finally, after being awake and listening to the crazy weather, i decided to check the news, you know to make sure no tornadoes were bearing down on my house. the local news station had a severe weather advisory up saying that torrential rains and hurricane force winds were coming through the rochester area and that people should seek shelter and stay away from windows. that last part was bolded and in caps.

well, i had every intention of just laying back down and trying to fall asleep in my warm cozy bed that happens to be right under a window. no little warning is gonna bother me. apparently, the weather didn't agree and i started hearing things outside banging around, i guess being blown around by the wind. i really really tried to ignore it, but when a tree branch hit my window i lost it and grabbed my blanket and bolted. so yeah, spent a good hour wrapped in a blanket watching doppler radar on my phone sitting in the kitchen. yesss. that was my interesting morning.

wait, i lied theres more. once it was light outside, i peeked out my window to survey the damage. my neighbor's shed was destroyed and a fence was blown over and there was trash EVERYWHERE. oh, and you know, a tree across the hood of my car. at that moment the following conversation occured with zach:

me: let's play a fun game! it's called "what is currently lying across the hood of my car?" ready...GO!
zach: uhhh...a person?
me: no.
zach: a light post?
me: no.
zach: a large sign?
me: no. the correct answer is a tree. there is a tree currently laying across the hood of my car.

luckily, it was a small tree/large branch and the heavy part of it was not laying across the hood of my car, just the light airy twiggy part. so my car got some scratches? not too shabby for 75 mph winds.

so....highlights of winter break:

* backstage tour at radio city music hall!
on christmas day, i went to see the christmas spectacular. elena's dad plays in the orchestra and he was able to show us around backstage after the show. i saw the animal holding rooms (and met ted the camel), set pieces (like the bus and the wooden soldiers' house), the costumes, and the moving orchestra pit. i even got to go on stage!

* my cousin!
i got to spend a lot of time with my six year old cousin. we tried to go ice skating at bear mountain one day, but there was a wait, so instead we went home and watched pocahontas (beautiful artwork in that movie) and ate lots of junk food. she made me a necklace. it has a butterfly on it.

* new year's eve!
i went to my friend's annual party. reno and i got dressed up (read: gold sparkly tights) . we ate lots of food and watched the ball dropped and wondered why lenny kravitz was the first artist to perform for the new year and played apples to apples and hilarity ensued and a good time was had by all.

* reunion!
i went to my favorite restaurant (maggie mcfly's for anybody who is from the FC) with fourteen of my closest friends. some of them i hadn't seen since post-grad. that night was probably the most fun i had all of break. it was great to see everybody again. we kept switching seats, which confused our waitress a bit. becca and lauren told the waitress that it was mike's birthday (it wasn't), so after dinner the entire waitstaff came out with a giant bowl of ice cream and sparklers and showered him with confetti and ribbons. later, we tried to take a group picture of us in the lobby. the results are most definitely amusing.


* the bez
my last night home, i went to tim's design studio and we just goofed off. they have a ton of toys, like actual toys. stuffed animals and alphabet letters and hallway bowling and just so much fun stuff! it was nice and relaxing and a nice way to end break.

so now i'm back at school. sixteen days til my show opens!!! ahhhh it's crazy. i'm so excited!

also, one last note. so living in a house with other people, we've spent HOURS trying to figure out the best way to do dishes. for awhile we were taking turns but some people apparently didn't like that. SO they decided we should each do our own dishes. fine by me...i'm barely here, i barely use any!! going downstairs earlier and seeing the sink full and knowing only one bowl in there was mine was a nice feeling.