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Final Projects

Becky Drexler on Wednesday, 09 December 2015. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework, Majors & Minors, Student Life, The Arts

Finals. It's that time of year again. It always surprises me how little time is left when we return from Thanksgiving break. This is the last week of classes before finals week. Project-based majors have it a little differently, however...

I'm in New Media Design. For many art-related majors like mine, the last week of classes is actually more like our own finals week. Many of my design and art classes do not typically have written exams and tests throughout the semester. Instead, we work on projects, present them for critique, edit the project, and then repeat the cycle.

This week, I have final projects due in a majority of my classes. Here are some of my big upcoming projects:

1. New Media 3D Design – 3D Animation using Cinema 4D
For the last project in my 3D Design class, we are creating a 3D model and animating it in the Cinema 4D software we have been using for rendering our work.



2. New Media Elements II – Online Newsletter Redesign
For this project, we looked to examples of current news letters and took the elements and principles of design from class to create a stronger design.



3. Web Design and Implementation – Personal Portfolio Site
During this class, we had to design a personal web site to display our portfolio and provide a nice resource for potential employers. For our final project, we needed to add more functionality, styles, and special effects to create a really strong and interesting web site. The final project will include various programming code ranging from HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript.



That's the big stuff. I still have a few smaller assignments, papers, and tests... but you get the idea. Sounds like a lot for one week, right? I agree! I have already spent a few long days and nights in the library and the New Media Lab trying to stay ahead of the game (and so I don't completely stress myself out this week). Time management is key to getting all your work done in any major. This is crunch time. In my three years here at RIT, I still have yet to pull a full all-nighter – and I'm determined not to break my streak.