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Finally.... just... finally.

Adam Richlin on Thursday, 26 July 2007. Posted in Student Life

I finally passed my road test last friday! Yay, I can drive. This kind of bothers me though, because I much preferred having a chauffer.

Problem is, my parents didnt agree.

So my saga with the DMV is over now, I have my license and I need to visit them no more. It only took me till my 5th try to pass, but im not a bad driver. I swear, really! I'm not a bad driver! I just never got along with the paperwork end of the deal. I have only taken the driving part of the road test twice, and of those I passed the second one. The other times I went, I got turned away for invalid registration, expired Drivers Ed completion certificate, etc... paperwork problems.

I work in the city (NYC of course) all summer, so I have to take the train from Long Island into Manhattan every morning... no driving there. Then Im going back to school in the fall, where I don't have a car... so no driving their either.

I dont get what the rush was.

I rather did like having a chauffer.