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Finally Made it :-D

Victor H Sanchez on Thursday, 04 June 2009. Posted in Study Abroad

So. It has been almost a week since I have been in France and I love it :-D I will post again soon with more details of  the school and the city where I will be for the next month, but for now let me just talk about what I have been up to so far.

First the travel experience was pretty painless though very long. I had been in NH for the week after classes with my friend Patrick his mom drove us to the Boston airport on Thursday May 28th. Our plane left at 6:00 we flew Aer Lingus (had very cheap flights $850 round trip to Paris). We flew from Boston to Dublin and arrived there at about 11:30pm or 4:30am Dublin time. The Plane from Boston to Dublin was very nice it was a Air Bus which had touch screen where you could listen to music, watch TV, shows, and movies (each person got their own).  We had a 1.5 hours layover in Dublin. Then left for Paris. We arrived in Paris at 3:45am or 9:45am France time. That was the easiest air travel I have ever done getting through security and customs was very fast and easy.

We met up with the two other students and the teacher in Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport. There was supposed to be a fifth student but he missed his flight and later realized his passport would have expired on the trip so he didn’t come. We waited at the airport for three hours after we met up for a train that took us from Paris to Rennes. That train ride was three hours long. I fell asleep for most of the train ride.

At the Rennes Satiation we met with Patrick the ambassador from INSA to North and South America. He had come to RIT last year and is how I first found out about the program. He is also a Mechanical Engineering Teacher Specialized in robotics. We also met Gael the International Relationship coordinator and the INSA person that handled all the arrangements with the RIT. They picked us up and brought us to INSA where I and the three other students as well as Matt the IE professor fro RIT will be living till the 26th of June.

After we got settled in our rooms Patrick took us for a walk to a park that is a five minutes from INSA and a mall (where we have been going a lot) that is not much further then that. He showed us around the supermarket that is in the mall and a Restaurant. Everyone that we met was very nice the owner of the Restaurant gave us free drinks.

Students at INSA are at the end of the year many have left already but a few still have exams they are divided by the year they are in. The school is not so busy but the weekend we arrived we saw many students celebrating the end of the year with an inflatable pool and everything: -D

I will talk more about the school and Rennes in a future blog. I have lots more to write about with pictures Smile