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Finals Week and American Idol

Cory Gregory on Tuesday, 27 February 2007. Posted in Coursework

I'm excited that the winter quarter is almost over, but the end of a quarter means only one thing... finals. My finals week schedule isn't really that bad though. I had finals for both Calculus A and Writing Seminar on Monday and they were both pretty easy. I have a final for Computer Science II tomorrow and one for Principles of Microeconomics on Thursday. These two finals will be a little more difficult though. I need to do really good on both of these finals to be able to get an A in these classes.

On a different note, the sixth season of American Idol started a couple weeks ago and I've really enjoyed watching it. All of the competitors have great voices and personalities, but there are a couple that I really like. Out of the 10 remaining females, I like Stephanie Edwards and Lakisha Jones the most. They both had great performances last week and I think they will have some of the better performances this week too. They both have great voices but out of all the female competitors, Lakisha has the strongest voice. Out of the 10 remaining males, I like Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson the most. Blake is very unique and his performances have shown that. His performances are always interesting because of his great voice and his ability to beat-box. Chris always chooses great songs that make him sound even that much better. I bet you that one of these contestants will win the competition.

That's all I have for now, but I will try to post once more before I head home on Friday!