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Finals Week Mayhem

Patricia Schiotis on Tuesday, 18 May 2010. Posted in Coursework, Libraries, Student Life

It’s official, I’ve completely lost my mind. That is, I have immersed myself in my coursework from the entire quarter trying to prepare for my finals.  This afternoon, I had two of my finals, in Materials Science and Fluid Mechanics.  Unfortunately, they were only two of my four finals to be taken this week.  I am taking a much deserved study break, to clear my mind of those two subjects and prepare for my last two finals.

It seems weird to be sitting in my room, for this entire weekend I’ve been living out of the library. On Friday night, I was there until midnight, which is the time the Wallace library closes on Friday and Saturdays. I went back Saturday afternoon to spend 9 and a half straight hours sitting in my seat, reviewing material learned earlier in the quarter.  My mind is now all mashed together, yet I need to clean up the pieces and keep studying. 

Even though it is finals week, I wish I could spend this week hanging out with my friends.  This is the last week together before the 3 months of summer.  I would love just to go to the Zeta Lounge and not have to worry about my exams, but that is not an option.  My friends have noticed my disappearance to my second home in the library, but only hope is that all this studying will payoff.

After this week, it will officially be summer.  Although I was unable to find a co-op, I am going to use this summer as one last time to hang out.  I will be going back to work at my local supermarket, and then hanging out with some friends from high school.  But the highlight of my summer will be my mini weekend escapes, that is, if I don’t have to work at the supermarket.  I want to be able to use my summer to escape the rigorous coursework of RIT and just have a time to hangout.  Every day, we are reminded of the importance of our education and are faced with the stresses of our classes.  Summer is a time to relax, and actually have time just to hang out and do nothing, and not have to worry about the paper, lab report, or exam in your classes.

I know once I get home, it will probably take 2 days for me to want to come back to RIT.  I remember last summer I was counting the days to move back on campus, to see all my friends, and begin classes again.  It’s a bittersweet feeling, leaving school and going home and vice versa.  We all have two completely different lives, that all parallel in the fact that we are college students.