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Finding a Roommate

Becky Drexler on Sunday, 30 April 2017. Posted in Residence Life, Student Life

It's about that time in the year where you will be looking for your roommate(s) for you freshman year. Finding a roommate can seem a little daunting at first if you do not know anyone going to the same school as you. That's ok, a lot of people are in the same boat! Here are some tips on how to find a roommate.

Post in the Loop at RIT. The Loop is RIT's own private social network for accepted students. You can also post questions in the Loop, as it is often monitored by current RIT student ambassadors looking to answering any questions you may have.

Join the accepted student facebook page. This is a great place to find other incoming students and to introduce yourself. What's the risk in throwing your name out there? Search for the 2017 Accepted Class of 2017 group page!

Complete the housing survey. Once you put down your deposit, you should receive information about starting the housing contract. Through the housing StarRez portal, you can complete a survey about your housing and life-style preferences. Once completed, you will receive a list of usernames of people who had similar results to you. Pro tip - these usernames (ex: abc1234) are the first part a student's email; tack on and you can send that person an email!

If you do not have a preference and choose to forego the roommate selection process, you go in and get a random roommate. You will be assigned a housing selection time (which will typically be in mid-summer). This time slot allows you to go in and select the building, floor, and even specific room you want to live in. If you have a roommate already, whoever has the earlier time slot will choose for the both of you first - and then the next roommate(s) will confirm the room. If you do not have a roommate going into the selection process, you may choose any room with an available spot. You can choose a room that is already partially occupied, or you may select an empty one and someone else will add themselves to your room (random).

Having the housing selection process over the summer does give you a little time over the summer to connect with your future roommate and coordinate who will be bringing what.

Best of luck with the housing and roommate selection process! Check out the housing website for more info or ask questions in the groups listed above!