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First week at Microsoft

Joe Conley on Saturday, 08 July 2006. Posted in Co-op

So my first week (or 3 days because of the holiday) haven't allowed me to accomplish a shred of work. The first day and a half consisted mainly of orientation presentations of our feelings about starting work at Microsoft, what to expect, and my favorite, a 2 hour legal lecture basically about how to not get Microsoft sued. At least the lawyer was pretty funny.

Once I actually reported to my boss he showed me around to the team I'll be working with, and discussed our project which is from my understanding programs that regulate the incentives and compensation for either Microsoft employees or other companies' employees, I haven't figured out which yet. After that, I set up my computer, my direct deposit so I'll get paid, and I went home because there wasn't any other work for me yet.

The next day I arrived around 9 like my manager suggested, but apparently he decided to work from home that day, so I just got acquainted with the MS internal websites, did a little mandatory training about business conduct (it was pretty funny to see Ballmer lecture me about business ethics) and anti-harrassment policies, and then I went on a 3 hour adventure on the shuttles from my building in Issaquah to the main campus in Redmond to retrieve my security badge. Then I discussed some more about the projects I'll be working on with some of the team, and went home at 5.

I do appreciate how nicely everyone's been treating me, and the benefits in general at Microsoft, that's all been really fun. But I'd really like to get some work done so I can stop feeling guilty that I'm not accomplishing anything for them.

But moving out here has been great, I'm amazed daily on how gorgeous every view from around here is, and I really need to take some pictures. I would be taking some right now if I weren't waiting around for furniture to be delivered to my apartment.

Hopefully work improves next week.