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Fist Pumping

Alissa Anderson on Monday, 11 January 2010. Posted in Athletics, Clubs, Student Life

Since the debut of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” the “fist pump” dance move has been sweeping college campus across the nation. It is probably because we are all obsessed with the ridiculousness of the jersey characters and therefore are required by nature to imitate their actions…. For me, it’s because my closest friends here at school are from New Jersey… and resemble nothing to the “Situations” on the show…

I only mention this dance move because at the hockey game it was all over the area, every time our tigers scored groups of students would fist pump to the pep band music. Strange? Just goes to show the MTV influence J

In the past I have not attended many of the hockey games on campus. I didn’t come from a hockey high school and I never got into the culture of it last year. However this season has been a different story. I went to the opening game at the Blue Cross Arena with my parents during Homecoming weekend. Since then I have attended several other games to promote the Make the Rink Pink event January 30th. On Saturday, my sorority sisters and I went to the RHA-Corner Crew tail gate to hand out shirts, and it turned out to be AWESOME and I was inspired to go to another game that night! Hockey is growing on me, so for those of you worried that you won’t fit in at RIT because you’re not a hockey person… things can change and be open to try new things… you may even catch the orange fever like I did.


See you at the next game!