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Flowers of RIT

Jeff Maher on Monday, 01 May 2006.

Some days you just get out of bed on the wrong side. Fortunately, Sunday was exactly the opposite :). Clear skies, bright sun, and the perfect temperature. It was so perfect in fact, that as I gobbled down my cereal, I just sat in front of the window and was just moved by how gorgeous the apartment complex looked. Don't get me wrong - Colony Manor is a great place to live, but gorgeous is not often the word to describe it. However, it looked great on Sunday. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble mindlessly.

Sunday was so awesome that I scooped up my camera and took a whole bunch of pictures of dandelions and other flowers that I could find around Colony. The pictures actually turned out really well and I have since took a few more as I walked back from class today. While it's fun to take pictures just to take pictures, it's always fun to share. So, I created Flickr page to share the photos with everyone. Click the links below to see the pictures. I don't know the names for all the flowers in the shots, so any help would be appreciated.


(A patch of daisies in Colony Manor. You can make out the RIT sign behind it :))