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Food for Thought

Becky Drexler on Monday, 13 October 2014. Posted in Student Life

A lot of people tend to get into a rut of ordering the same food over and over again, and then eventually becoming tired of it. I know, it happens to me a lot! I’ve been looking for different food around campus to mix it up.

Food on campus can be found in three general locations: Residential Side, the Student Alumni Union, and Global Village. On residential side, we have Commons, Sol’s Underground, Beanz and Gracie’s. In the Student alumni Union, the main places to eat are Brick City Cafe, Nathan’s soup and salad, Ben and Jerry’s, RITZ Sports Zone, and Artesano’s. Global Village has the Café & Market at Crossroads, Salsarita’s in the Global Village Cantina and Grill, Midnight Oil, and the Global Market.

Typically Salsarita’s is my go to for a quick and delicious meal. For those of you unfamiliar with Salsarita’s, it is a Mexican style eatery that prepares the food with fresh ingredients that you choose... like Chipotle. The salad and the quesadilla were my go-to’s for lunch or dinner. But did you know they also have pizza? Most people don’t know Salsarita’s offers thin crust pizzas custom made to your liking. First you choose a base – I prefer a queso base, but you can get BBQ sauce or any of their dressings. Then you add as many toppings as you like. I like to keep it simple: one meat, a little salsa, and lots of cheese. It’s then toasted, sliced, and voilá - delicious pizza.

I did not discover how amazing the RITZ Sports Zone was until my second semester here. The Ritz is located under Brick City in the Student Alumni Union. First things first, you can’t talk about RITZ without mentioning the Mascot. The Mascot is a signature sandwich on campus and is one of the highest selling food items. It is a chicken tender sandwich, with cheese and a special “Tiger Sauce.” On Fridays Dinosaur BBQ also has a station set up in RITZ to serve their famous mac and cheese and pulled pork. If you do not know, Dinosaur BBQ is one of the most well-known and loved BBQ places in Rochester.

Speaking of famous Rochester foods.... I highly encourage everyone to at least try the garbage plate, Rochester’s signature dish. Basically any typical garbage plate/ bowl/etc. has mac salad with home fries, a hamburger (or hot dog) thrown on top and drenched in a meat sauce. It may not sound too appetizing for some, but it is a bucket list thing you should do while you’re here. You can find this garbage plate in three different locations on campus: Crossroads, Commons, and Ritz. I have made it a goal to try one from each within a semester. At the moment, I’m one down and two to go. Nathan’s soup and salad was founded by an RIT alumnus and is allocated in the Student Alumni Union. Nathan’s offers over 40 soups to choose from. They also have a delicious variety of breads and sandwiches. My personal favorite is the mac and cheese soup with a side of cheesy bread.