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Foods of the World

Jacob Sachs on Wednesday, 27 February 2013. Posted in Coursework

One of the more unique class offerings you can choose here is a course entitled "Foods of the World". In simple terms, the class is what it sounds like, you get to learn about different foods from various places around the world. And, not to mention, you get to eat it too!

In the three weeks I have had this class, I can say I have learned more various things than I originally expected. As someone who likes to cook when I can find the time, it is fun to learn about different cooking techniques, flavor profiles, commonly used ingredients, and more.

The first week was mostly an introduction on the course, we didn't actually get to eat but I did learn a lot about some basic cooking techniques and styles, etc. The second week we looked at African cuisine, and this past week we learned about Mexico, always a favorite of mine.

As part of Mexico week, I completed one of my assignments for the quarter, a presentation on a food item that we would be talking about related to the country that day. I researched and presented on Ceviche, a South America native cold appetizer, consisting of raw fish that is marinated for an extended period in citric juice (usually lime) which essentially "cooks" the fish, removing the raw taste. From the assignment, I learned about a few variations of Ceviche, and during class we got to eat scallop ceviche, part of the plate pictured below.

Next up for me will to be selecting my research topic and planning my outline for the paper.

The sample plate of Mexican food was quite delicious as you can see by the picture.

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