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Football Playoffs!

Shannon Patrick on Saturday, 09 January 2010. Posted in Athletics

If you've been to RIT, you've noticed on major thing. And I'm not talking about the boy:girl ratio. I'm talking about the lack of a football field. While we have a field large enough for football (the varsity soccer field), it lacks the goal posts necessary for a good game of football. We even sell shirts mocking our lack of a team that read "Rochester Institute of Technology Football: Undefeated Since 1977."

However this weekend -- in fact RIGHT NOW -- I'm getting my football dreams fulfilled while the New York Jets are up 14-7 over the Cincinnati Bengals. This is one of those rare occasions I can be proud to call myself a Jets fan. My roommates make fun of me, as I sit here in my #24 Darrelle Revis jersey screaming at the TV at bad plays and cheering wildly when we score a touchdown. Oh wait, TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!! Now it's 21-7, Jets as I write this.

Just because RIT doesn't have a football team, doesn't mean you can't get your fill of the game. And besides, you can always go to a hockey game!!

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  • Josh Kramer

    Josh Kramer

    09 January 2010 at 23:58 |
    It's 1978. And quite ironic that they are sold by an engineering organization, the Institute of Industrial Engineers.
  • Shannon Patrick

    Shannon Patrick

    10 January 2010 at 12:17 |
    Then the Reporter Online was mistaken! Let's just modify and say "Undefeated since the late 1970s" ;)

  • Emily Okey

    Emily Okey

    10 January 2010 at 20:52 |
    I'm actually glad that RIT doesn't have a football team-- it puts the emphasis on hockey!! Which in my book is far better :)

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