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Four Years Later

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 23 May 2012. Posted in Alumni, Life After RIT

Hard to believe that it’s already been 4 years since I stepped foot on campus as a freshman. I still remember move in day, meeting my roommate for the first time and walking around what seemed to be an impossibly large campus looking for my classes. It seems like just yesterday that I was hired at Admissions and sat down to write my first blog post ever! 

(me on move in day - 2008)

Quite a bit has changed since then. My sleep deprived self is laughing at the sentence that I wrote in my first blog post about “getting a full eight hours of sleep.” Definitely not the case but that's okay, less sleep allowed for more memories (and kept the nice people at Java's employed). I gained some confidence after giving tours to 50+ people using a megaphone, worked with some awesome people both in class and at admissions, and got real world experience through internships and when I took a somewhat spontaneous trip abroad to Italy last winter. 

(me about a week ago)

It still hasn't quite set in that this is my last week both as a student and living in Rochester. I'm sure that come fall when everyone is gearing up for fall quarter it will start sinking in that I'm not coming back. But as the RIT Alumni Association has so nicely reminded me about 5 times this week, loan payments are coming and I now get more expensive hockey tickets. Too soon guys, too soon.

Thanks to the admissions office for taking a chance on hiring me back when I was a shy little freshman. It has really become my second home on campus over the past four years. Especially huge thank you to Ashley and the rest of the social media team - working with you guys has played a huge part in changing my direction for life after college. You better believe I'll be looking out for videos next year and busting in on a meeting if I come back to Rochester. 


Shout out to Christina's mom & my mom for being my two loyal readers over the past few years - I might be starting a "life after college blog" so stay tuned!

Finally, to all prospective students.. choose RIT. No, really. Best decision I could have possibly made for college. It's hard at times (I'm looking at you week ten) but oh so worth it in the end. I couldn't imagine spending my last four years any other way.

I'll be checking back in as an Alumni blogger from time to time but until then you can follow my life after RIT shenanigans at @emilyokey <-- new Twitter handle since I'm graduating :( 

And with that, it's time to graduate!!