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free advice about free stuff

Sarah Alef on Wednesday, 13 February 2008. Posted in Student Life

For anyone that has ever taken a tour with me, you'll know that I have a theme on all my tours:  "Free is good."  I mention at least 10 things on my tour to which you have free access, or places where you can acquire free t-shirts, free food etc.  I'm probably the most inefficient debit spender on campus because I eat at the cafeteria only a few times a week.  I have a nose for free food and clothing.  As I tell my tours, free clothing means less laundry, and free food means less food debit actually spent on food! light of my penchant for free things, here is some free advice about free things to be found at/around RIT:

1) FREE LAUNDRY - this one is probably my favorite.  Last year, laundry was $1.25 to wash AND $1.25 to dry.  Ouchies :-(  (They were broken all the time, and liked to eat my clothes) However, thanks to our benevolent Student Government and ResHall Association , we got brand new Maytag washers and dryers this year.  Laundry is now free everywhere! Dorms, apartment complexes, everywhere!  Nice NEW free laundry yay!

2) Free Cone Day - Ben & Jerry's has a day every late April/early May where they give away free cones.  Last year they went through over 4,000 of them.  You can get in line as many times as you want, and you should, because it's free! Yay free ice cream!

3) Free Pancake Day @ IHOP - this one is fresh in my mind since it was just this past Tuesday.  IHOP is about a mile and half down the road from RIT, and on Feb 12, they had free pancake day.  (Okay, they ask you for a donation to the Children's Miracle Network, but it's more or less free)

4) Free Basketball Games - Basketball games charge no admission fee, AND they give away free stuff during the game. Like t-shirts, or Ipod Touches, or towels.  And sometimes higher ranking administration @ RIT dye their hair orange .  How could you not like free admission, t-shirts, and entertainment? 

5) Free movies - You can go to the movies shown in Ingle Auditorium every Thursday night, or you can rent movies from ResHall Association for free.  The Thursday movie nights usually come with free food, but RHA has over 400 movie titles available :-)

6) Free hot chocolate/coffee/tea - OCASA has free hot chocolate/coffee/tea all the time, which is esp handy during the winter. I like to stop in and grab something to warm my hands up on the way to my next class.

7) Corn Boil and Tye Dye - Every fall, the area of the residence halls over by Ellingson, Peterson and Bell towers puts on a massive corn roast and tye dying event.  There are free white t-shirts to tye dye, free roasted corn to eat, and just tastiness in general.

8) Spring Fest - I can't wait till this comes back again.  The College Activites Board (CAB ) puts this on every spring.  Basically, we have a miniature carnival here for an entire weekend, with rides and food and wild crazy shenanigans.  The rides are free!  There's a ferris wheel, and a bunch of stuff that spins really fast and makes you dizzy.

So that's all of the free things I can think of at the moment.  I also suggest going to any Greek pledge events, whether or not you are interested in joining.  They at least have free food!  Some other places to check out for free stuff would be the College of Science, every Wed at 1 pm, or the Interfaith Center, where they have free pasta dinners twice a month.  So save yourself some cash, and come visit RIT, where a bunch of stuff is free!