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Freeze Fest

Victor H Sanchez on Wednesday, 10 February 2010. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

I know that there have been a lot of blogs dealing withFreeze Fest here are some of events that I went to Laughing

Every year there is something called “Spring Fest” thatoccurs around the first week of May. Spring fest is a weekend long event with carnival rides, and many otherfun events. This year the Center for Campus Life and Student Government (SG)decided to bring some fun to winter quarter.


“Freeze Fest” events started last Friday and ended Sundaywith a Super Bowl party.  One ofthe first events on Friday was “Rail Jam”.  One of the other bloggers posted about.  


Later that night CAB (College Activities Board) presentedKathy Griffin. CAB has major concerts every so often. Earlier this year theybrought Maroon 5, and for Spring Fest this year they will be bringing 3OH!3 andCobra Starship.  Kathy Griffin wasamazing. I have been waiting to see her for a couple months now. The place wasalmost packed; there was a good mixture of students and adults not just fromRIT. If you have never seen Kathy Griffin well that need to change. She makesfun of a lot of the entertainment news that are going on at the moment. Makes fun of anyone. Her comedy comes from the stories that she tells she is not really a one line type of comedian. 


Saturday there were a few events going on. I am not going tolist all the events you can take a look at the other one s if you want somethat stand out were; horse and carriage rides around campus. There was an igloobuilding contest, the official ceremony for the opening of the new CampusCenter was also on Saturday. The campus center is just the new space for theCenter for campus life and Student Government, in other words the main area forthe clubs and activities around campus. Later in the night there was Ice Discoand a s’mores lunge. The s’mores lounge was just an area set up with tables andburners where you could make s-mores, take a break from ice-skating or justchill with friends.


Sunday was pretty much the closing day.  The day of the Super Bowl SG has an annualSuper Bowl Party, since this year it fell during the freeze fest they wanted tomake it bigger and better then ever. Usually this event is done in the ClarkGym, this year they decided expand capacity so it was moved to the field house.There were free pizza and wings for every one. The game was being displayed onthree big screen TVs. If that was not enough there were also three inflatable gamesavailable. I tried out the sticky wall (wore a Velcro suit and threw yourselfat a wall) and the sumo wrestling, so you put on a sumo suit and try to throwyour opponent down. Through out the nigh there were also giveaways unfortunatelyI didn’t win any but some lucky students walked away with one of the following,an i-pod nano, an X-box 360, a PS3, or a big screen TV.


It was a very fun weekend, now I just wish that it had notbeen at the end of week 8 and I could have enjoyed it a lot more.