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Freshman 15

Jane Homan on Wednesday, 21 April 2010. Posted in Campus Safety, Dining, Student Life

It's something that every potential college student hears about before they head off on their own. Making your own meals, deciding how much, when, and what you eat; some students are not too smart about it. Just make sure to eat right, don't sit in your room all the day, and get to the gym. There are so many ways to stay active though. You have to take two health classes before you graduate and those can range from yoga to ice skating. It all depends what you are up for and what you're interested in; you can even have a personal trainer for a quarter! We also have a gym, so there's plenty of chances to go there and work out, lift some weights. You can also join a sport or make/join an intramural team with your floor or friends.

Walking to your classes everyday definitely helps. Especially when it's freezing outside it just makes you walk that much faster and burn more calories! Eating salads, having veggies and fruits, and not living on ramen definitely helps.

Here's a fun little video my friend posted about not gaining those dreaded Freshman 15:

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