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Freshmen Move-In Day

Alissa Anderson on Wednesday, 24 August 2011. Posted in Academic Calendar, Life After RIT, Orientation, Residence Life, Women at RIT

It is about that time of year again: FRESHEMEN MOVE-IN DAY. Arguably the best day of your college experience you never want to repeat. The most emotionally conflicting day… your excitement for your college life to begin is mixed with the awkwardness of the family move in. Whether it’s dad attempting to carry everything in one load up the tiny Fish Hall stair well; grandma introducing her “cute young granddaughter” to every boy in the elevator; or your younger siblings running wild through your future floor mates rooms… there is always a moment when you wish you had pack less and lived closer to the first floor.

My description of move-in may be a little exaggerated. The event is not really that intense (unless your parents are working to accomplish all of the above). Everyone is in the same boat and looking to get moved in, explore the new surroundings, get oriented to campus, and finally get to see college-life first hand and compare it to what they have been dreaming about all summer. My first move-in was super quick. I was the third of my triplets to be moved into the dorms and we all moved within 4 days of each other…. On three separate campuses… needless to say we had a solid system and worked out the forgotten items earlier in the week with my siblings.

The good news is that the majority of the residence halls are first year students, so you are not alone in the chaos of moving. In addition, RIT has an intense system of moving into the residence halls (leave it to those Industrial Engineers to make everything more efficient on campus). Before you move-in, you will receive a letter from RIT indicating what hall you are assigned to live in, what parking lot will best suit your move-in experience, and a color to coordinate all your belongings. When you arrive to campus on move-in day you will find that all parking lots have been closed down and rerouted into a one-way-move-in-system that make the process quick and easy. In addition, upper-class volunteers staff the unloading stations and can give you advice on where to grab lunch, score forgotten items, or the ideal way to orient your dorm room furniture.

Hope everyone is excited! The Resident Advisors have already moved to campus and are a week deep in training. Orientation Assistants start moving in tomorrow for pre-orientation training. Everyone is on high alert and ready to welcome the first year students to campus! Check back tomorrow for a blog about Orientation Week – the Week of Welcome (WOW).

Feel free to leave questions or suggestions for the incoming students!

Below see Dr. Destler helping with Freshmen move-in!