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From Dorms to Apartments

Danielle Nutter on Tuesday, 12 February 2013. Posted in Residence Life

I recently completed my housing contract and it reminded me about the transition from living in the dorms to on campus apartments.

I really enjoyed living in the dorms. It was so convenient having friends in every direction. On floor we were always getting together to do homework, watch movies and just keep each other company. Making new friends was not an option and it made leaving home that much easier. I lived in the dorms for 2 years which is not required. As a freshmen you are required to live in the dorms but have the option to move off for your second year. I think I choose to stay because it was convenient to be on campus and have a meal plan plus most of my friends stayed as well. By the end of my second year in the dorms I was really ready to move off though. My classes were increasingly getting harder and I was spending more time on the academic side of campus than I was in my dorm room. Also over 2 years a girl can do a lot of shopping, so I was itching to have a larger closet and more space.

So my 3rd year I found 2 friends and got an apartment in Perkins Green. Perkins is a fairly affordable, unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment complex on the dorm side of campus. It is on the bus line and not a far walk from campus. I choose an on campus apartment because of my co-op schedule. I had a really hard time finding an apartment off campus that was flexible with my schedule. Also the on campus apartments include heat, water, cable and Internet, so convenient! Living wise I thought it was good for me to switch to an apartment. I really like the quiet environment. One thing that you miss instantly is having all your friends around all the time, but you can work around that with dinners and movie nights :)