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Frozen Four Frenzy

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 07 April 2010. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

It's offically the weekend! Which is amazing considering that this is wednesday of week 5. This week, however, is an exception to all others because of HOCKEY!

I've been trying to contain my excitement all day week and focus on school, as I had two midterms today (don't worry I remembered to study and everything). Tomorrow morning I get to wake up early and drive to Detroit with some friends! I'm all packed up and ready to go. We have hotel reservations all the way through Saturday night so in between the games we'll be going out and experiencing some of Detroit-- perhaps a MLB game on Friday, Detroit's major league team is appropriately named the Tigers.

This week has been packed with RIT "spirit" events, more properly dubbed "Frozen Four Frenzy." It started with a kick-off BBQ last Friday. Monday night there was an outdoor movie (Miracle, which is quite fitting for RIT right now), Tuesday was a send off in Ritter Arena for the team as they prepared to head to Detroit and tonight was a bonfire.

Which brings us to tomorrow... game day! The campus is absolutely buzzing with excitement. I realized, as I went to do laundry today, that I have worn nothing but orange RIT clothing for the past week. Professors are being super lenient with tests that were scheduled for tomorrow because they know most people will be either in Detroit watching the game or watching it on TV. My newsediting professor has been particularly accommodating because I missed last Thursday due to a long ticket line (to get one for the game) and I'm missing it tomorrow for the game. He let me come in on Monday and make up the quiz that I missed and I get to move the deadline back slightly to allow for all of the time I won't be near a computer to turn an assignment in. It's great because the whole campus is so excited for all of this that people are more than willing to work things out.


Want to watch the game??

If you are lucky enough to live in Detroit, you can step out of your house and head to Ford Field to watch it there-- tickets are required, so you should probably figure that all out first ;)

If you're on campus, head to the Gordon Field House! They are going to be showing the game on big screens, there will be a ton of orange and cheering in there! I think they are offering free food perhaps? Always a favorite. Doors are opening at 4:00 pm and the game starts at 5:00 pm.

If you can't make it on campus, there are some regional viewing parties at various bars around the country.. all hosted by alumni.

And lastly, you can view it in the pleasure of your own home on ESPN 2. How cool is that?!?

The National Championship game is on Saturday at 7:00 pm.